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Thursday, October 29, 2009

LMAD Producers: Read Your Facebook Page!

Someone posted this on the (new) Let's Make a Deal Facebook page OVER A WEEK AGO:


"This is the loudest most annoying game show host in history. He is so obnoxiously loud and annoying I turn the sound or tv off. Horrible. Not to mention his condescending sexist names for women. Keep the show, change the horrible host."


Is anyone monitoring this?? Fremantle should be concerned with letting fans get this direct on what is essentially a company-sponsored page. And for the record I don't really agree with the poster.


posted by Brad @ 1:29 AM   2 comment(s)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Note on Trading

I haven't really done much game show trading in the last few years. It's not that I'm stingy or hoarding my tapes or anything, it's simply that I feel like the market may be a bit saturated right now. I realize there are a lot of young traders out there, and I'm happy that the number of such traders is high enough that this group can sustain itself and continue to experience new shows that they're not familiar with.

The problem for me is that the items that interest me now are getting harder and harder to come by. I've had GSN for over a decade now, and anything they've aired I've either seen already, recorded already, or am not really interested in. Unfortunately, their library of classics continues to shrink as they attempt to save money by reducing licensing fees.


In addition, as time goes on, the likelihood of "surprising" rare finds dries up. There's still a few people out there who had a VCR in the early 80s, recorded some since-destroyed show, and will uncover it while cleaning out the attic. If you're one of those people, by all means send me a note. In addition, there are probably some full sets of shows gathering dust in production warehouses somewhere (such as the original CBS run of The Joker's Wild a few years back) that may be uncovered. If such a find crops up, I'll be happy to see it.


But if all that remains to be added to the growing list of tape collections going forward is current programming or whatever GSN is showing, I will probably be sitting on the sidelines of trading. I've got 4000+ episodes on tape and DVD already, spanning six decades and six continents. As of now, it's going to take something eye-popping to drive my interest. The good news is, I'm not the only trader out there. :)


posted by Brad @ 4:40 PM   5 comment(s)

Great Deal at

If you want to pick up Press Your Luck 2010, Family Feud 2010, and TPIR 2010 for Nintendo Wii, they have a buy 2 get 1 free sale. Store pickup can be used for the deal.


posted by Brad @ 11:20 AM   0 comment(s)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Let's Deal Again...

Yes, I'm still alive!


I felt like coming out of semi-retirement to talk about the new Let's Make a Deal. First off, how surprising is it to see a new network game show in daytime? Caesar's Challenge was, IIRC, the last new game show to premiere in network daytime, and that was 15+ years ago. Crazy.


I am bummed about a few things with the new LMAD, but overall I'm pleased. First, the bad. I really feel like this shouldn't be an hour long show. The reality of TV these days is that everything is an hour. It's just cheaper that way I guess. Nearly every show gets stripped as an hour long format, even if it means airing two thirty minute shows back to back. It's just lazy programming in my opinion.


I'm not blown away by the set or music cues, but I'm glad they kept the original logo. I guess the biggest disappointment is Wayne Brady. Is it me or does he seem like he's going at 50% speed? The Wayne Brady that became famous as on Whose Line is it Anyway? was a bundle of energy who never stopped, sometimes to the point of annoyance. But hosting LMAD Wayne has for some reason decided to play the role of a debonair smooth talking dealer, who throws in the occasional "holler!" moment when a contestant says something funny. He does a good job of moving the show along (the pace could be faster, but it's an hour, so who can fault them?) and he doesn't seem to fumble much given the considerably hard task of managing the various permutations of the deal. Still, I was expecting more from him.


What's good? Well the format has been maintained practically to a T, which should sit well with viewers put off by the 2003 NBC debacle. I don't mind the abandonment of the 2nd dealer in the Big Deal, because it practically almost guaranteed a winner every show and I don't think the format requires that. The supporting cast is surprisingly good; I like the announcer and especially the foxy assistant who was carrying the tray table out with surprising ease. The games on the episodes I've watched seem like they're taken right out of the original format, which is refreshing. And I think the biggest surprise has been the contestants. The contestant coordinators have done a great job of picking some really good players on the first week, and their enthusiasm more than makes up for Wayne's half-speed performance.


All in all, it's a solid B, and it's found a place on my DVR. The true test will be the ratings. I'm admittedly worried about this show's success. It's getting decent, albeit inconsistent timeslots across the country (9am out here in LA, 3pm in most places back East), and I can see CBS (and its affiliates) having a quick trigger finger to get that prime real estate back.


posted by Brad @ 1:06 AM   1 comment(s)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sha Na Yikes

I don't normally recommend watching GSN's infomercial block overnights, but there's a new one with Bowzer, aka John Bauman. Yikes. He hasn't aged well.

Haven't posted in a while but I'm bummed to see that Password is pulled from the CBS lineup. It also makes very little sense to me -- ratings have been very solid and similar to what it got over the summer. Yes the younger demographics are awful, but come on, what were you expecting?


posted by Brad @ 1:02 AM   11 comment(s)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hermit the Frog?

Yay! Password is back.

And it's good to know that William Shatner is as awful at Password as he was at Pyramid. MY GOD! Even Regis was ragging on him during the show. Hermit the Frog???

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who noticed, but contestant Mark from the 2nd half of the show was the guy who cleaned up on Temptation in Fall 2007.


posted by Brad @ 9:03 PM   9 comment(s)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michael Larson, Come on Down!

I don't watch Price is Right every day. Maybe I should.

I got clued into Tuesday's amazing finish by, of all things, a blurb on the awful-yet-captivating TMZ on TV where they showed a blip of the reveal. I couldn't believe my eyes. I also couldn't believe that nobody had spoiled it for me before.

Clearly what happened is that someone (or someones) with a savant knowledge of the prices on the show (and let's face it, if you watch for a month straight you know how much some things cost) was able to do some quick adding and help the contestant out. You simply don't come to a number than random by chance.

The question of rigging has come up but, to simplify things, this is simply Michael Larson part two. The audience is encouraged to, not prevented from helping. Apparently the show has caught some "good bidders" before and marginalized or even banned them from tapings. While some people may consider that bad behavior, in the end its their show, its not a public good, and its within their boundaries.

Drew claimed this had happened before (back in 1972 or 1973, when showcases rarely topped $3000). If it has, I haven't seen a clip. This very well may be the first time. And yes his reaction was muted; even TMZ picked up on that. I don't think it speaks to him being a bad host, I think it was simply an awkward situation that was hard to get excited about. Keep in mind that Peter Tomarken's interview of Larson himself was muted somewhat given the fact that everyone in the studio figured the show had been rigged.

So what does CBS do now? Advice like "get more prizes" is a bit short sighted; the show DOES recycle prizes quite a bit. Adding more distributors would require more research and more staff, and it has a cost. If someone hits a showcase on the nose once every 30 years it's probably not a budget buster.


posted by Brad @ 11:40 PM   10 comment(s)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brutal Honesty

Yes, I'm still alive.

On Price today, Drew dropped a great line during the playing of Temptation:

"Hardly anybody wins the car in this game."



posted by Brad @ 1:31 AM   10 comment(s)