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Runaway sheep and more were some of the highlights as the Australian $ale of the Century celebrated its 21st Anniversary.

Watch it HERE! (1.35 MB)

Whoops! Watch poor Larry Anderson tap dance on live television after Trivia Track completely crashes.

Watch it HERE! (1.97 MB)

"Name something to which you often lose your key?" Missy Gold and Glenn Scarpelli sure as heck couldn't, and hilarity ensued on this Family Feud clip from 1984.

Watch it HERE! (4.11 MB)

A hilarious three-minute clip of Debbie Reynolds getting bombarded with questions on the first episode of The New Battlestars from 1983. Watch her unusual reaction when things don't go her way!

Watch it HERE! (3.63 MB)

 A HILARIOUS four-minute clip of Super Password from 1987!  Patty Duke Astin reads the password and then it goes downhill from there!

Watch it HERE! (4.24 MB)

Poor Alberta gets a bit caught up in the moment and attempts to go hog wild while bidding on a "comfy loveseat." Bob gets the last laugh, as always!

Watch it HERE! (1.47 MB)

Flashback to the 1960's on Street Smarts' hilarious Time Warp week!  And quick, can you name all four Beatles??

Watch it HERE! (972 KB)

What's wrong with this picture? Perennial Pyramid screw-up William Shatner suffers the ultimate humiliation by having to play the big board alone on this $10,000 Pyramid clip from 1974.  Can he win?

Watch it HERE! (860 KB)

  Take a sneak peak at the game that took Britain by storm. You are watching the Weakest Link...goodbye. 

 Watch it HERE! (1.45 MB)

Watch this crazy Joker's Wild moment from 1972, when a sassy contestant points out that the answer to her question can be found up on the wheels.  Jack Barry nearly passes out! 

Watch it HERE! (1.52 MB)

Promos, promos, promos! Check out this combo: a promo for the first episode of New Treasure Hunt in 1974 and a promo for the first episode of syndicated Match Game in 1979!

Watch them HERE! (1.19 MB)

Holy Smokes! Watch Virginia go to town and leave her competitors in the dust on this episode of Aussie $ale of the Century from 1983. The looks on her opponents' faces are priceless!

Watch it HERE! (1.53 MB)

What a nightmare! On one of the first playings of One Away, EVERYTHING goes wrong. Watch Bob blow the entire reveal just because he "wants to hear a horn!"

Watch it HERE! (2.36 MB)

How's this for a combo? The first instant bargain on Sale of the Century in 1983 with the ever-popular Sally Julian. And, just for the heck of it, a set of product promos from Match Game '79 with the cool theme remix that you'll never hear on GSN!

Watch it HERE! (1.32 MB)

Sang earned Scrabble infamy thanks to his inability to control his buzzing in! Watch him stumble his way through three words in 87 seconds.

Watch him HERE! (3.2 MB)

Love Connection really got off to a rip-roaring start on its first episode in 1983. Watch both contestants bumble their way through their dates...with hilarious results!

Watch them HERE! (1.1 MB)

Don't EVER get Kim Fields mad. She gives the judge a piece of her mind when he gets a bit too lenient on this all-star episode of Celebrity Hot Potato from 1984.

Watch her HERE! (1.04 MB)

Another blooper montage! First listen to Judge von Erik smart off to Geoff Edwards on Play the Percentages, then watch a bizarre $25,000 win from The New $25,000 Pyramid in 1982. Dick Clark nearly gets kicked in the face!

Watch it all HERE! (1.46 MB)

Here's a combination of two bloopers! First, watch a hilarious Bumper Stumpers moment, where Al mistakes a contestant's excitement for an answer! Then watch as JM J. Bullock hesitates a bit too long on Celebrity Hot Potato and gets chewed out by the judge! His reaction is priceless!

Watch it HERE! (1.82 MB)

Crazy, crazy Leslie. You never knew WHAT she was going to say next! When she came down on Price is Right in 1984, she was full of stream of consciousness thoughts, most of which sent Bob, Johnny, and the audience into hysterics!

Watch her HERE! (600 KB)

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